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More than just a Drummer...


Make your next event a memorable one.

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Creativity & showmanship is in my blood. Whether you're an Artist/Band looking to bring your Live Show to the next level, or you're an event host/booker looking for something original to take the crowd by surprise and entertain them with something memorable, this is exactly what drives my passion. It's not for nothing that some people say "Your band is only as good as it's Drummer". 🤷🏻‍♂️😬

Although below I mention 2 different types of performances, they both come with the same goal in mind... Bringing the crowd on a musical journey as they experience an event they will remember for a lifetime.

Limiting myself to a specific genre of music is not only hard to do but wouldn't give any justice to all my influences. Considering I started my career in Punk-Rock & Hardcore bands and then started touring with Pop and Rap stars, everything I do comes with a modern day touch and edge.

With the exception of  "The Ryan Stevenson Show" also getting booked for EDM type events,  I would tend to say my vibe is: Pop-Punk-Rap-Rock ...(if that could actually be a genre) 🙄🤘🏼

The Ryan Stevenson Show Live

The Ryan Stevenson Show

Who would ever of imagined a drummer as the frontman of a show. Often paired with a DJ, this "one-man show" is the perfect touch to entertain your event and have everyone on their feet from start to finish. This concept was born to satisfy my need to play a whole  variety of music genres and then turned into a unique experience where I "Drum Remix" your favourite popular songs live. This show has been around the globe and often seen in settings going anywhere from weddings, corporate events and private parties, all the way to clubs, festivals and opening acts for top international artists looking to get the crowd ready and to the peak of their energy.

AJ Mclean of the Backstreet Boys and Ryan Stevenson

Playing with Artists/Bands

After opening for some of the worlds top artists came the time for them wanting to add this unique experience to their own shows. Session drumming was never in my plans but happened organically through those situations. For an artist or band to have an entertaining and memorable show, every element surrounding them must be at the top of their game. My ultimate goal is to make you (the artist) shine. Having the freedom to add my touch to your music while making you look and sound better than you ever have before. There is no "I" in "Team" and I strongly believe in delivering the whole package. This all starts at the drums, the heart and back-bone of all music.



TAMA Drums
SABIAN Cymbals
EVANS Drumheads
PROMARK sticks
ROLAND Electronics