Energetic and modern drum recordings with an edge.

Bring your songs to life with Drums tailored to your music.



In simple terms, I create & record badass drum tracks for your songs in the comfort of my own home studio. In other words, Remote Drum Recording all happens ONLINE!!! This not only saves you from booking extra studio space, loading in/out heavy gear,  but makes it easier than ever to get original drum tracks catered specifically for your project.

Limiting myself to a specific genre of music is not only hard to do but wouldn't give any justice to all my influences. Considering I started my career in Rock bands and then started touring with Pop and Rap stars, everything I do comes with a modern day touch and edge.

Maybe one day we call this genre: Pop-Punk-Rap-Rock🤘🏼


I want to hear your story and what this song is all about! All music has a story and often alot of sentimental value attached to it. In order to write unique drum parts to make your song shine, we need to all be on the same page.


I record real acoustic drums or program electronic/MIDI drums depending on the needs of your song(s). Once I make sure you're happy with the outcome and it doesn't call for any other adjustments... we move on to STEP 3.


You'll then receive multi-track stems of all isolated drum pieces from the recording for you or your mix engineer to pop right into your working session to get going!


WHY work with me

Drums are the heart and also the back-bone of every song. A simple beat can set the mood for you in a matter of seconds to make the song feel smooth, laid back, boring or feel energetic, upbeat and entertaining. That element can literally make-or-break the track sometimes and be the deciding factor wether your song gets tons of streams, tons of views and tons of airplay.


Whether it was back when I was in punk-rock and hardcore bands, when I started touring with my own drum  "one-man show" or even playing for artists... my vision was always the same. I've based my whole career off of stepping away from being "just a drummer" but instead to be "an artist, an entertainer & a showman"! 

All of those steps permitted me to build a name for myself in the industry and tour with artists such as AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys, French Montana, Waka Flocka and heck! I even had the chance to drum a few songs for Diddy!!!

These are just a few examples that explain why I am confident that I have something fresh, new and unique to bring to the table to help give your music that edge you're missing.

If you need drums for your music, then hit the "LET'S CHAT" button and let's discuss your project today!!!




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